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Create... Print... Press... Your product is ready!

Whether you are a company, an individual, an association, or a sports club, textile marking can be an ideal part of all your creative projects. It is nowadays very popular with companies to achieve an effective communication and convey a relevant brand image.

What is transfer?

The transfer technique consists of printing a visual or a logo using a printer (laser or inkjet) and a specific transfer sheet.

Once printed, your visual, placed on your textile support in a heat press, will then be transferred under the action of pressure and heat to your T-shirt.

Example dark textile transfer paper

Which products are suitable for inkjet and laser transfer?

- White or coloured, light or dark textiles
- Cotton polyester, nylon, and all multi-material textiles
- Thin or thick textiles: tee-shirts, sweat-shirts, work clothes...

Please note: for all products that have a specific material, such as leather or imitation leather, we invite you to carry out a test upstream to validate the technical feasibility of the transfer.

Transfer to white T-shirt

Is there a solution for transferring to dark textiles?

Yes, there are several solutions to realize the transfer
on dark textile:


With an inkjet printer:

-• Inkjet transfer for dark T-shirt


With a laser printer:

-• Laser Dark Textile


The solution that gives the best rendering is the Laser Dark Transparent Textile D ark that is used with a laser printer. A revolution in laser transfer!
This paper can be used for all styles of creations on light or dark textiles, cotton or polyester. It does not require cutting and therefore allows you to create extremely fine drawings and logos with an exceptional colour rendering.


Four easy steps to make a transfer

1 - Create and import your visual on your computer.
2 - Print your image or logo in mirror or read direction (depending on the transfer paper used) using your inkjet or laser printer.
3 - Position your visual against the textile support in your heat press. Place a teflon sheet on top to protect the textile during hot pressing, according to the pressing conditions indicated on the product sheet.
4 - Hot or cold peel your textile, according to the conditions specified on the product sheet.

Congratulations! Your shirt is ready to wear!

In which case we recommend the transfer?

- For the realization of marking on light or dark textiles
- For all the creations in the field of the évènementiel (inexpensive solution)
- For the small and large series
- To reproduce all types of visuals with an infinite number of colors


In which cases do we advise against the transfer?

- For all textiles that are intended to last a long time (60/80 washes)





What equipment is required for the transfer
inkjet or laser?

- An ink jet or laserprinter

- A heat press (heat press)

- Textile supports to customize

- Inkjet or lasertransfer paper

- An anti-yellowing felt to protect your textile

- A teflon sheet to protect your press

- High temperature gloves






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