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Silhouette CAMEO 4

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Three times faster than its quieter little sister, the Cameo 4 is capable of cutting 30 cm / second in a straight line. In acceleration phases, it is capable of cutting twice as fast as Cameo 3. 

It also has a much higher cutting force than the Cameo 3: 5kg of pressure vs. 210g for the Cameo 3 and only 4kg on the CricutMaker. 

 On the Cameo 4, tools are now automatically detected as soon as they are placed in the carriage (blade, drawing pencil, roller ...) and you have the possibility to cut more materials, such as cardboard paper, without using a cutting mat. It connects to both PC and MAC using a USB cable. 

3 new tools are proposed:

These tools will be available for sale on our website in November.

- a " Rotary Blade" wheel to cut thick materials such as foam and thick cardboard, without the need for a stabilizer
- a "Craft Blade" tool to cut crepe paper
- a"Punch Tool" to help punch outweeding 

Other innovations :

Increased clearance to cut materials up to 3 mm ( vs 2 mm on Cameo 3)
- Improved and redesigned double head carriage to make the most of the new cutting frost and machine speed
- Integrated vinyl crosscutting device
- High speed automatic autoblade blade , adjustment in only one click (included in the kit)
- Roll feeder and cutter integrated in the machine (manual adjustments possible)
- Kraft blade ( to cut materials like balsa wood)
- Automatic detection of the tool placed in the carriage
- Retractable cover that slides inside to save precious centimetres of space
- Touch screen ( no more LCD screen)
- An adapter to be able to use the accessories of the previous machines
- Option of automaticweeding
- A backlit touch screen .
- Larger tool carriage housing

The Product + : this plotter also benefits from a tutorial mode, which will guide you step by step during your first uses of the machine.

Important: register on the Silhouette America website, follow the registration steps and then download the software: https: //

For more information, see the articles of our partner "La petite Crafterie" , you will find a lot of information on Silhouette cameo 4 and its software: https: //

Customer Comments

Camellia 4 and Silhouette Studio

This machine is just great.
With the Illustrator plug on, you print your markers on your adhesive paper, display the cutting lines of the labels or stickers, print on your UV printer and then cut on the Cameo 4: great quality and huge time saving! Thank you

Magic Duduche, 16/05/2020

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Great product, I also use it in wireless.

David, 29/01/2020


Already a Cameo 2 Silhouette user, I had to change after the Windows 10 update. No regrets, nice new features on version 4, nice design.
Fast delivery via CREADHESIF, I recommend!

ARMELLE, 28/01/2020

Super machine

Fast delivery, great machine, fast and quite reliable in use

Dany36, 25/01/2020


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