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Cleaning solvent for plastisol 110 Bio ink - 5 Liters

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In the field of screen printing, it is impossible not to use cleaning solvents.
Some of these cleaning solvents use mixtures of benzene hydrocarbon additives with glycol and cyclohexanone ethers, aromatic solvents, ketones or ethyl acetate or methylene chloride. All these solvents, in pure form or in mixtures, are extremely dangerous, both for their toxic uses and for the environment, but also for their fire risk.

That's why Solvent Bio 110 was developed.
It is a fast drying cleaner formulated to effectively dissolve and remove Plastisol inks from screens, squeegees, presses, pad printing tools, rotary screens, etc.
The combination of components is designed to solubilize and remove virtually all types of ink and minimize remaining stains on printing meshes.

It is a completely odourless type of solvent.
Sold in 5 Litre cans.


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