Poli-Flex Turbo - Pressing in 3 or 5 seconds at 130°C or 160°C - 50 cm roll

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EX. VAT : 1,21 € INCL. VAT : 1,45 €

Please note that 50 cm widths ONLY are sold while stocks last!

Poli-Flex Turbo

This thin, flexible and elastic polyurethane film will allow you to realize all your transfers in 3 to 5 seconds!
Suitable for all types of textiles such as cotton, polycotton and polyester, it offers a wide choice of colors.
This flex is ideal for making logos and markings in 3 or 4 colors and make creations on T-shirts, tote bags, sweatshirts for everyday use. I
It also offers a smooth matte finish, with a silk-screen rendering and an excellent opacity. Moreover, its very adhesive hot melt liner, will allow you to realize the cutting of small patterns with a very easy weeding .

There are 3 types of Poli-Flex: classic, metallic, neon

Its + Products:
- A real matte finish, a bluffing rendering!
- Does not require a strong pressure, 2.5 / 3 bars are enough, which avoids the worries of mark of the press on the textile after transfer
- The possibility of carrying out a pressing in express: 160°C during 3 seconds or 130°C for 5 seconds depending on the material
- A 100 micron liner that allows a larger margin of error when cutting with a plotter
- A flex with a great resistance that can be dried in the dryer (inside out)
- A flex that does not retain the "lint " of textiles
- The + product : this flex meets the Oekotex Class 1 standards and has the "Vegan" label.

Please note: This product has been awarded the Craft Master Distributor certificate, which guarantees the highest quality of products delivered, technical and professional support and the availability of products at a fair price.

Tip CréadhésifTo achieve overlays with Poli-Flex Turbo, we recommend pressing the last color at 150°C for 10 seconds and removing the liner when cold. This is to avoid premature delamination of the flex.

Recommendation Pressing on Nylon: On nylon, it is necessary to press in several steps.
- First press the fabric for 5 seconds without any flex on it.
- Then press the flex for 5 seconds and remove the hot liner.
- Press the flex for 10 seconds with a protective paper on it. And that's it!


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