Laser transfer paper

Transfer with your laser printer with ease!
Discover our wide range of Forever transfer papers for laser printers. These papers are manufactured in Germany by a renowned brand: FOREVER, which guarantees an irreproachable quality,

A professional finish on all your textiles with excellent wash fastness.
Discover unlimited creation: imagine, print, transfer! Personalize easily, according to your ideas and your desires at a mini price.

Which paper for which use?

Laser Transparent

This paper also has the advantage of leaving no glue residue. Use it for perfect results on white or lightly coloured textiles.

Laser Dark Low-Temp
The Low-Temp Transfer Paper for Dark Textiles for OKI Toner White printer.

A revolution in the field of transfer.

With this paper, you are guaranteed to obtain an exceptional colour rendering on all types of dark or light textiles, and always without trimming or glue residue.
Thanks to this paper, you will be able to create extremely fine visuals.
Two papers are required to make this transfer (A & B paper).

Laser Light
This paper offers an exceptional quality of work on light-coloured textiles. It can be used on a white toner printer and allows you to work with all types of logos / images with disconcerting simplicity.

Classic + Universal
This paper will allow you to personalize clothing as well as materials that have a textile covering (mouse pads).

It can be used on all white or very light textiles.
It is suitable for laser printers that use silicone oil.

Five Star Universal
Slightly thicker than Classic +, Five Star paper is very resistant to washing (can be washed inside out at 60°C).

This transfer paper is the ideal paper to transfer onto any garment with a thick knit such as fleece sweaters, sweatshirts, polo shirts or jute bags.

Laser Dark
This paper is perfect to start in the transfer on dark textiles. This paper must be cut out before being hot pressed onto your shirt.

With this transfer paper you can make prints on all types of hard surfaces, such as mugs, glasses, ceramic tiles.
An effective solution to overcome sublimation in all simplicity.

Flex-Soft (no-cut)
Finishweeding with the flex, you will be able to realize all the visuals with finesse and unobtrusive effects. You will be able to make white or color laser transfers (16 shades). with a standard CMYK or black & white laser printer.

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