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Teflon Cover for Bottom Tray heat press

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EX. VAT : 40,00 € INCL. VAT : 48,00 €


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EX. VAT : 40,00 € INCL. VAT : 48,00 €

This cover will allow you to position all your textile supports more easily and quickly on the lower platen of your press.
Indeed, the very smooth part of this cover offers a perfect glide to easily put your textiles on the plate. This will save you a lot of time during your production.

This cover will also allow the heat to be evenly distributed on the textile to obtain a better quality result.

To gain in productivity, adopt our telfon cover!

The plus of the product is that this cover also protects the lower tray of your heat press.

The Tip Créadhésif: The cover being very smooth, we recommend that you press the bottom of your shirt with one hand. This will prevent your shirt from slipping during the pressing process.

Customer Comments


A little expensive, but very practical and just the right size for a 38x38 tray.

Sub, 02/07/2020

A very good product

Perfect for protecting the bottom plate of your press.
Allows you to slide the tshirt to better position it under the press. Does not retain dirt and is therefore easy to clean.

Michael, 01/12/2014


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