Teflon Cover for Top Tray heat press

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Teflon Cover for Top Tray heat press

This cover will allow you to protect your garment against burns during the transfer process.
This cover will also allow the heat to be evenly distributed over the textile to obtain a better quality finish.

To gain in productivity, adopt our telphon cover!

The product's plus: this cover also protects the top tray of your heat press.

The Tip Créadhésif This cover also protects the top plate of your heat press and extends the life of your press.

Customer Comments

Very good material but does not fit on my press

The quality is really top notch but unfortunately it is not compatible with my Secabo TC7 :-(

Maybe it was the old Secabo? Because we tested the cover and it fits perfectly with the TC7 Smart : https://www.creadhesif.com/presse-a-textile-electromagnetique-secabo-tc7-smart-40-x-50cm.html
For more information, please contact us at 01 34 33 01 55 .
The Team Créadhésif

Laurent, 31/12/2016


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