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EX. VAT : 20,75 € INCL. VAT : 24,90 €

This product is strictly prohibited in delivery BY PLANE for DOM-TOM and countries abroad. Any material or goods considered dangerous is prohibited in the hold or cabin (example: all gas cylinders, industrial lacquers, varnishes or paints and chemicals).

Start your textile markings with peace of mind!

Did you miss you in the installation of your flex, or in theweeding ? The final result is not up to your expectations? Don't panic! This Décol'flex will allow you to remove the flex and flock from any textile with ease.

Instructions for use:

1. Apply the Décol'flex on the part of the fabric where the flex is located with a spatula.
2. Once you have applied the Décol'flex, start stretching the area . This will make it easier to remove the flex.
3. Remove the flex with protective gloves
4. After removing the flex, it is best to press the area by covering it with a sheet of paper, for 3 seconds and at 160°C.

Available formats:

1 kg canister
Spray 400 ml spray


Make sure to close the jar
Wear protective gloves
Use the product in a well-ventilated room
In case of skin contact, wash immediately with soap and water
Before using the product, read the instructions.

Customer Comments


Les flex de creadhesif se retirent très bien sans laisser de traces. Par contre pour les autres flex il faut passer le grattoir et il reste des traces. C est un très bon produit à tester.

Nickie, 07/04/2021


Super produit . Expédiée rapidement. Mais les frais de ports sont excessifs et pas adaptés dommage. Je commanderais en plus grosse quantité la prochaine fois malgré que ce soit pour le loisirs

AudreyL., 29/01/2021

Nice to meet you

Hello, I am satisfied with this product. I put in a little bit of product and the letter swelled up directly and I was able to remove the letter right afterwards.
A trace of the letter but a machine trick and nothing more.

Nadege, 27/06/2020

Glue traces

Dissolve the flex well, but traces of glue remain, especially on dark fabric, even if you press the area with a sheet of paper 3s at 160°C after removing the flex. The result is a little more satisfactory with a sheet of aluminium foil.

Communimage, 26/03/2019

Good results

The "grip" is a bit tricky, especially since I had some glittery flex to take off, but if I'm patient, the result is very good.

lilisun, 11/01/2019


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