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Easy'Press - 23 x 23cm

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This press with a design close to an iron is ideal for lovers of textile personalization: intuitive, easy to use, light, easy to carry and store, modern, this press will quickly become your best ally for Do It Yourself!
It can be used like a hot iron and is supplied with a silicone mat which is positioned under the support to be personalised to avoid damaging your work surface.
Unlike an iron, the heat is homogeneous over the entire surface of the tray, which guarantees you a homogeneous and high quality transfer. The size of the heating plate is 23.5 x 23.5 cm. Temperatures range from 100 to 180 degrees and the timer can go up to 300 seconds. At the end of the countdown, the press rings.on an iron, you usually place your cursor somewhere between linen, cotton silk.... but you don't have a precise temperature setting.on the Easy'Press you have the possibility to precisely adjust your temperature and application time thanks to the integrated timer. 

The handling of this press is pleasant and guarantees you a perfect safety thanks to its insulated base which allows you to remove the press between two uses or to let it cool down after use. No contact is necessary with the heating plate as you place your support to be personalized on the silicone mat. There is therefore no risk of burns as opposed to a traditional heat press . 

Particularly recommended for the application of flex on textile, it rises in temperature quickly (2-3 minutes after start up to reach the set temperature). 

Pleasenote: you must apply a longer pressing time (X 2 or X 3) than the one indicated in the product data sheets which corresponds to an application time with a traditional heat press . Carry out several tests to find the pressing time best suited to your substrate. 

To use it, nothing could be simpler:

Press the ON / OFF button
Set the temperature
Set the pressing time
Pre-press your blank backing for a few seconds to smooth your t-shirt
Place your backing, printed side down, on the textile backing
Place a teflon sheet to protect your backing (not necessary but recommended)
Press the Start Timer button to start the countdown and press
Remove the machine when the buzzer sounds. Your creation is ready!

Info Créadhésif : it is important to apply good pressure during the entire pressing process to ensure a quality transfer to the substrate. 

If you have a hot peel to do and it is not easy to do, squeeze for a few seconds and do your peel again.
After 10 minutes of non-use, the press switches off automatically .



Customer Comments


First received in 48 hours in confinement, I think it's great. So bravo.
Very easy to use, flex laying in 30 seconds. Great

Sy-Jag , 17/05/2020


Thanks to the team, for this service allied to GLS, extra fast. Ordered Tuesday morning, received this morning Thursday. In this period of confinement, I say bravo. This press arrived in a well taped package, nothing to say. It's perfect. CREADHESIVE, to be recommended without any hesitation.

Sy Jag , 07/05/2020

mobile press

This press works perfectly for flex (do not hesitate to press when pressing) and is easy to use, very practical to transport.
For sublimation it's not great :-(

Une Histoire Créative, 03/05/2019

A good product

A very useful and practical portable press! Easy to use and heats up quite quickly with an even heat, something you don't get with an iron. This press does not replace the traditional press but can be very useful, ideal for transfers on clothes or other.

JB, 24/03/2019


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