The Team Créadhésif

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Discover the personalities of our shock team!

Alexandre, Manager Créadhésif - "Grand Chef"

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The soul of Créadhésif, the founder, the creator, in short the essential person of the team, is him. Manager and on all fronts, he never stops. Ambitious, never short of ideas, he always sees the big picture. bigger and further away. He loves challenges and surpasses himself every day in everything he undertakes. Many envy him his "superman" side because yes Alexandre is never sick! There is none left less warm and close to its customers.

His motto: "The best way to predict the future is to create it."

Jennifer, Marketing Manager - "The Passionate"

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Invested and concerned about a job well done, Jennifer doesn't hesitate to titillate her colleagues to optimize each and every job. detail for almost perfect training. Our marketing expert will always know how to find the words to convince you on every subject. Sparkling and full of life, her good mood is a reflection of her wardrobe: rainbow! The Brigitte Bardot of the team is also in her own time the animator of our page Facebook and the reporter from our Youtube channel.

His motto: "There is only one way to fail, and that is to give up before you have succeeded" O. Lockert

Laurent, Logistics Manager - "La Gâchette Lorientaise"

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The ace of organization is him! He's also an ace in basketball, who shoots faster than his shadow especially in his favorite team: Lorient. Our man is also an ace in logistics, which doesn't spoil anything. He's the man on whom all expeditions are based, our own quiet little force. Inexhaustible, he never stops, often reducing his lunches to brief "sandwich" moments...

His motto: "Routine is not organization, nor is paralysis order ."

Hermas, Order Picker - "Professor"

photo hermas

Originally from Cameroon, Hermas travelled in Italy and across Europe before landing with us. "Recordman" of flex unwinding, the flex marathon is a challenge he is now ready to take up. Hermas knows every reference by heart and prepares your orders in less than no time at all. to say so. A creator of expressions that are new and even unusual at times, his middle name is "professor."

His motto: "I like you, but I prefer myself ."

Mathieu, Order Picker - "The Medievalist"

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Former military and sportsman by nature, with Mathieu preparing orders, it goes straight. Adept of challenges and adrenaline, Mathieu is unbeatable about medieval times. Always ready to give back service, with Mathieu, you can be sure that you and your order will be managed to the little ones. onions.

His motto: "Never interrupt an enemy who's making a mistake."

Malik, Technical Sales Representative - "The Customer's Favorite"

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Ready to do anything for you, he's the right man to bring your projects to life! Professional, always smile, you'll soon have nothing but that name on your lips when you call us. Can't be beaten on all customization techniques, but also series and cars, our "sporty fashion". boy" is the undisputed darling of the customers!

His motto: "If you really believe in something, you have to believe in it to the end and do it."

Floriane, Technical Sales Representative - "The Chameleon"

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The real chameleon on the team is her. Floriane adapts to everyone and every situation. Expert in the She has eleven years of experience in the vinyl industry. A storage maniac, organized, running fan, she is also nicknamed the Speedy Gonzales of the mall. Floriane has an unfailing professionalism, you are sure with it not to fail on the edge of a beach.

Its motto: "Action! Reaction! »

Mehdy, Technico-Commercial / "The only colour-blind man who sells colour!"

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Mehdy, our traveler has survived all his adventures around the world to come back to us. He has seen was born Créadhésif years ago now. Always ready to be of service, his good mood is legendary, just like his jokes, which Carambar is screaming for. His thing? From projects and ideas for sale. Medhy is nevertheless an expert in all the techniques of personalization, and knows all the products at your fingertips. To try it is to adopt it!

His motto: "Good humour is a good travel companion" Paul de Kock

Karine, Technical Manager - "Our Swiss Army Knife"

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Infallible technical support on all our products during the day, Webmaster in his spare time at night, Karin is Madame I do everything. Nothing frightens her, especially not man's work. In short, a first name to Hold!