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Flex PU Sublistop for polyester textile

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EX. VAT : 3,32 € INCL. VAT : 3,99 €

This PU polyurethane film is composed of a protective barrier that prevents any sublimation on already sublimated polyester textiles: Sublistop.
Thecolour of your garment will not alter the colours of your design!
Indeed, with a classic flex, if you press a sublimated polyester T-shirt, the colour of the textile can migrate onto the flex which will quickly spoil the rendering of your marking. With the Flex Sublistop pl you won't have this problem anymore.
It is also very elastic, thin and quick to apply and will enhance your creations. Equipped with the unique StiX² technology, it adheres to all types of fabrics. You will be able to realize your designs on many supports, cotton, polyester, elastane, nylon...
Becareful with nylon materials on which it is essential to make tests. The characteristics of nylon may vary according to its colour, finish, etc.We recommend using it on 100% cotton, 100% polyester, mixed fabrics (polyester/cotton), lycra/elastane, some nylons and other similar materials.

Tip Créadhésif : Press your visual at 130 degrees, for 10 seconds, with medium pressure. The peeling is done cold. For layering, apply the first flex for 3 to 5 seconds, then remove the hot liner. Repeat the operation for the other layers. Then apply the last colour for 18 to 20 seconds and peel off cold.


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